onits magnetic notes - less waste, more ideas

"onits offer all the benefits of sticky notes AND overcome issues like dropping off the wall"

Don't be afraid to leave the window open!

Bring life to your ideas with onits – dry-wipe, magnetic notes perfect to mind map, brainstorms, workshops, content or project planning, idea generation, strategy building, kanban boards, agile sprint planning, scrum retrospectives even icebreaker games and team building.

Sticky and smart

Expertly made in the UK, onits magnetic notes stick to any metal surface – for months if you need them to. Just throw, and they're up. They won't fall off, get lost, or end up crumpled in a bin. But like magic, they're also really easy to move around.

Man's arm placing a blue onit on a board as he brianstorms the steps to building a new house
Lady laughing as she removes an onit from a whiteboard

Fun and energetic

That's right – we said 'throw'. Flip these colourful, magnetic notes onto your whiteboard (or most metal surfaces) to plan, create, generate, share, and motivate.

Wipeable and reusable

They're smart, wipeable, and reusable. In fact, more than reusable: they last forever. When you buy a pack of 200 onits – instead of single-use alternatives – you're saving thousands of those paper alternatives being thrown away.

Close up of hands writing hi on a yellow onit with a dry wipe pen
Man putting a yellow onit onto a kanban board

Bring your workshops to life!

Make your workshops more wow, your project plans clearer, your ideas flow faster, and so much more – don’t just see the bigger picture, see the whole picture.

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