onits - bringing fun to learning

If you believe that learning should engage, encourage and empower then you and your children are going to love onits teaching materials.

Learning games with onits

onits are the perfect learning tool: children love them. They are easy to use, colourful, fun and reusable. There are so many ways you can use onits for learning. Our new Make Learning Fun with onits kit provides you with some of our favourite educational games for children including Animal Snap and Aliens Attack!

Make homework fun with onits

Do you enjoy seeing your child practise the skills they've learnt in school? Do you help them with homework, but wish there was a more imaginative way to reinforce that week's phonics and maths? Create an enjoyable game out of maths and phonics. Make flash cards and quizzes fun!

onits are very tactile, and kids love grabbing, throwing, writing on and organising them.

Learn to create with onits

Nurturing our children's creativity is one of the many ways we can enhance both their present and their future. onits resusability show children that it is good to dream, safe to make mistakes and encourages them to try again.

With onits children can Draw, Do, Repeat again and again.

Tailor lessons to your pupil's needs

Want to increase engagement with your pupils in both group and 1:1 settings?

We know that many traditional classroom teaching materials are restrictive to specific activities therefore filling up valuable storage space rarely being used. So we developed the onits Classroom Companion; a must have for any classroom.

Our onits Classroom Companion gives you the teaching materials to tailor lessons inline with your unique lesson plan. From phonics to maths, from creativity to memory games. The dry wipe surface allows the children the freedom to interact, learn and make mistakes in a safe environment. No answer is silly, they can just erase and try again!