Our Story

We’re determined, innovative, and ready to change the world. We are Organisational Elephant. Founded in 2018 by Nicola Walters, an award-winning international troubleshooter, Organisational Elephant is more than just a company – it’s a community of people from across the globe, coming together to solve problems. We call them The Herd, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

We develop, manufacture and sell organisational tools. Listening to the needs of the herd and, with their support, Organisational Elephant creates tools to overcome organisational challenges both at home and in the workplace.

Close up of hands writing hi on a yellow onit with a dry wipe pen
Large whiteboard covered in onits of multiple colours from a brainstorm

About Nicola Walters

For 20 years, our founder Nicola Walters, has travelled the world bringing people together to solve problems that others might say were impossible. Nicola is no stranger to overcoming challenges from winning Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003, to winning Gold in Germany 2007, from hiking 1100km solo Switzerland to Spain to winning THEHEAT18.

Nicola has worked for some of the world's largest blue chip companies across the globe in countries such as Argentina, South Africa, Sweden, Italy, Ireland and France delivering business and IT change programmes against the odds.

What's next

After a successful launch, in October 2018, with our innovative product onits our team is driving forward the development of complementary offerings. Responding to the needs of the OE Herd we are challenging the current disposable economy model with sustainable tools for scrum boards, learning games, goal setting and project planning.

Watch out for the launch of the OE Forum during 2019. A place where the Power of the Herd will really come into its own as we bring herd members from across the globe together to share their expertise to overcome organisational challenges that so many of us experience. Together we are stronger #JoinTheHerd

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