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Single green onits memoGreen onits memo showing dimensions of 135mm by 108mm

Fridge Friend

  • Great for fridge reminders
  • Perfect for love notes
  • Recipe cards
  • Shopping lists
  • 6 colours to choose from
  • Contains 1 Fridge Friend 135mm x 108mm
Hessian pouch with 5 onits and a dry wipe pen sticking out

Pocket Pouch

  • 2 blue, 2 yellow and 1 white onits in drawstring pouch
  • Wipeable and reusable
  • Sticky and smart, fun and energetic
  • Ideal for doodling, learning games and reminder notes for your fridge
Blue magnetic boardBlue magnetic board with brainstorm of holiday options written on onits

Magnetic tile

  • Lightweight magnetic tile & dry wipe pen
  • Wipeable and reusable, 350mm x 350mm
  • Makes the perfect surface for onits and onits memos at home, at work and in education
  • Ideal for creating your own memo board, learning board, notice board, or to complement one of our kits
onits memos in yellow blue white lilac green and pink laid out in a fan shapeGreen onits memo showing dimensions of 135mm by 108mm

Fridge Family Pack

  • 6 reusable magnetic memos
  • Extra large, more space to write
  • Wipeable and reusable
  • Sticky and smart
  • Fun and energetic
  • Ideal for learning with the kids, family organisation, reminders and shopping lists